ZBOX CI622 review

ZOTAC should go back to drawing board, really.

"During these tests, I noticed that the system got rather hot to the touch, as you might expect from a passively cooled PC, which raised some concerns for me about heat. To check this, I relaunched Handbrake to let it run through our long test task again while I monitored the system temps using Open Hardware Monitor.

The results at first didn't seem all that worrisome, but my concern rose along with the temperature the longer I let the system run. As I ran the Handbrake test several times without giving the system time to cool down, I saw temps continue to climb up to 90 degrees C, where they eventually plateaued. The peak boost clock speed shown in Task Manager throughout this test hovered around 3.2GHz, but it eventually dropped to 3.1GHz as the system passed 85 degrees C and then to 3GHz around 90 degrees C."

Source: PCMag