PrimeMini 5 review

"The PrimeMini 5 sports a premium design and this can be felt right from the time of unboxing to using the actual product itself. Having a length of nearly seven inches and weighing about 1.3 kg, the PrimeMini 5 is not the sleekest mini PC on the market. Having said that, the device still has a small footprint with a minimalist design and will easily fit in most workspaces.

With configuration choices up to the Core i7-8665U vPro, up to 32 GB of RAM, and a combination of NVMe and SATA storage, the PrimeMini 5 has a lot to offer for businesses that require a robust computing solution that can be deployed with minimum fuss. The all-aluminum construction lends a premium look to the device while also offering IP51 protection to keep dust out. Connectivity options are good, and buyers will be glad to know that Prime Computer also allows adding a few additional ports in addition to what the Intel NUC8 Provo Canyon Pro board already offers."

Source: Notebookcheck