About dust

After several years of use, dust is far less problematic for open-air builds than many think, and nothing an air duster can't fix. Check out this years-old i7-6700T / Arctic Alpine 11 Passive / Arctic Accelero S3 DIY project :

"I built this pc a few years ago, and it is my daily driver. I wanted a small form factor and low power consumption but with decent performance.. and not to cost too much. My first choice was the delicious HD Plex series, but alas they were too expensive for me. However I did use a power supply of theirs, which off the bat makes the pc only the size of the motherboard - love it!

So I built this around an i7-6700t (35w) with a basic passive cooler on top. An AMD Rx 460 with an Arctic accellero S3 aftermarket passive cooler. The power supply is from HD Plex (160w) and I'm using a Dell laptop charger for the appropriate input voltage. Fairly standard 16GB of ram, a 500gb M2 SSD running Linux, with a seperate 250gb ssd with windows. Totally passive, totally silent"

Source: reddit