Fair NH-P1 review

"The NH-P1 has a total of 13 aluminum fins each having a thickness of 1.5mm. There is an approximate gap of 9mm between any two fins. The whole assembly is soldered with the 6x nickel-coated copper heat pipes. This is one ginormous cooler for its category and it makes perfect sense for that. The fins are arranged so that they are perpendicular to the heat source regardless of the orientation in which the cooler is installed. This is an important design element to avoid obstruction between the fins from the source of heat as the heat rises up, the perpendicular design will have the balanced transmission of heat across the entire surface area. The wider gap between the fins is also important as this cooler operates on the natural convection of airflow, we would want no resistance to airflow between the fins. The 1.5mm thick fins compensate for the low fin density."

Source: Enos Tech