Advanced machine vision solutions using OnLogic computers

Global industrial computer manufacturer and IoT solution provider, OnLogic (www.onlogic.com) has announced that leading machine vision experts, Artemis Vision (www.artemisvision.com), are using OnLogic computers to build solutions for quality control inspection, dimensioning, and smart logistics. The Artemis Vision projects combine the company's experience in creating holistic machine vision solutions, with OnLogic's proven industrial computing hardware to ensure dependable operation.

"The quality and reliability we help our clients deliver needs to be backed by dependable system components," says Reed Schneider, Machine Vision Engineer at Artemis Vision. "That's why we turned to OnLogic to provide us with the first-class hardware they're known for. In these solutions, OnLogic computers do it all."

Artemis Vision is using OnLogic computers for a number of projects, including the RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker), a smart logistics solution used to automatically scan and track barcodes on pallets as they pass through warehouse checkpoints like dock doors. RaPTr drastically improves fulfillment speed and accuracy by eliminating slow and error-prone manual scanning. The system is built on OnLogic's Helix 500 industrial computer platform.

Another Artemis Vision solution enables automatic dimensioning of flooring tiles. The embedded OnLogic computer receives, calibrates, and mosaics images from four high resolution cameras for consistent measurement of varying sizes and materials, providing reliable data and product quality control for the end customer.

OnLogic industrial computers are also utilized by Artemis Vision for a device which automates the inspection of woven and braided products. The solution helps to avoid missed quality issues, eliminate the need for manual monitoring and inspection, and reduces scrap rates that result from catching defects too late. The dimensioning and quality inspection solutions both leverage the power and flexibility of the OnLogic Karbon 700 rugged computer.

"The combination of computers, cameras and machine learning is revolutionizing virtually every industry," says OnLogic Account Manager, Pete Pikulski. "The amazing solutions Artemis Vision is pioneering require hardware that's not only reliable, but also flexible enough to be utilized to power whatever they design next. Our Rugged Karbon Series and Industrial Helix Series are a perfect fit in both size and capabilities." More details about the Artemis Vision solutions powered by OnLogic computers are available by visiting www.onlogic.com/markets/case-studies/.