Climate-neutral PrimeMini Slim 2 launched

"The PrimeMini Slim 2 is one of our thinnest mini PCs. It is just 3.8 centimetres high, including the feet. In combination with the super-flat custom-made Vesa mount, the PrimeMini Slim 2 can be positioned almost anywhere. The 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor ensures excellent performance and guarantees the availability of the latest CPU features.

With a full-size HDMI and a full-size DisplayPort interface, installing multiple screens is child’s play. Like all PrimeMinis, the PrimeMini Slim 2 is equipped with high-quality SSDs for storage. Up to 32GB RAM provide constant performance. The Wi-Fi is installed as standard. Whether with Windows or Linux, the PrimeMini Slim 2 shines with its compatibility.

By supporting selected projects, we fully offset the average of 453.7kg of CO2e emitted during the manufacturing, distribution and first 5 years of operation of your PrimeMini Slim 2. This makes your PrimeMini Slim 2 100% climate-neutral."

Source: Prime Computer