Quiet PC UltraPN51 available

It's not too late to put a fanless mini PC under the Christmas tree. Reliable (and recommended) PC builder Quiet PC is assembling the Ryzen-powered ASUS PN51 and the Akasa Turing A50 case for you.

"Get ready for truly immersive entertainment. The UltraPN51 Pro 5 Fanless is built with one of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series processors, all encased in Akasa fanless Turing A50 MKII chassis. So whether you’re streaming the latest movie or need to finish that last minute presentation, you’ve got the performance to handle it with ease, while staying blissfully silent!. These systems support up to four 4K at 60 Hz monitors, one via the HDMI 2.0 port, two by utilising DisplayPort over USB-C, with the final display using the standard DisplayPort.

Even though the UltraPN51 is small in size, it is just as versatile as a full-sized computer. The HDMI and standard DisplayPort outputs provides full 4K resolution as well as 7.1 digital audio output, (a capable AV Receiver is required). There’s also two USB Type-C port that provides USB 3.1 for faster data transfer or the capabilities of connecting a further two monitors. It’s also possible when connecting the UltraPN51 to DP++ compatible devices to have a single 8K at 60Hz output, for resolutions four times greater than 4K!"

Source: Quiet PC