The NH-P1 disappoints again

"In AIDA64, the cooler was not able to handle the excess heat from our overclocked Intel Core i7-9700K processor (~150-watt of TDP). Temperatures of the CPU package and cores reached 99°C and the CPU started thermal throttling, after the stress test was running for about 7 minutes. To clarify, this result is expected, since the NH-P1 is not rated for the continuous load from high-end CPUs, especially overclocked ones. You can check Noctua’s website for CPU compatibility. The NH-P1 would also return to its idle temperature slower than conventional air coolers after load, as there is no fan to quickly cool down the heatsink."

The NH-P1 is still a fantastic piece of hardware, and by far the best fanless CPU cooler out there. But please be mindful of the CPU's thermal envelope.

Source: UnbxTech