Primestation Pulsar review

"The Primestation Pulsar is a compact desktop PC that is based on inhouse case design and development. The goal was to create a completely passively cooled PC for the specific demands of the business segment. This means that the case is the central element of the Primestation Pulsar. It is made completely from metal and offers massive cooling ribs on both sides. The stability of the case is very good and it resists deforming attempts under regular usage including transport. If the cooling fins had been thinner to increase the cooling surface, the stability might have become a problem. At slightly more than 4 kilograms (~8.8 lb), the compact computer brings a hefty weight to the scale, which isn't really apparent at first glance. The external power supply adds almost another 500 grams (~1.1 lb). The workmanship of the Primestation Pulsar is of the highest quality, and the haptics of the device also leave a very high-quality impression."

Source: Notebookcheck