Coolest fanless hackintosh

"I saw the Noctua NH-P1 and it looked cool and so I thought I would give it a go. I paid 110 Euro which is not cheap but much cheaper than a Mac Studio. Taking all the measurements, everything looked possible. I blowtorched the fins off the original heat sink leaving a flat surface to rest the Noctua on. When it arrived I placed it on top and found the right orientation. I thought for a while on how to keep it fixed in place bearing in mind that it weighs over 1kg. After a bit of fiddling I was successful and the result, in my opinion, was perfect. It now runs silently and extremely cool knocking more than 20 C off of the stock cooling system. Idle temps are 35 C in ambient room temperature of 30 C. Maxes out at 60 C after 20 mins of endurance. Is it overkill? Yes. Do I love it. Yes."

Source: Frank Lacey