MINIX Z100-0dB in-depth review

"The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB integrates the Intel N100 (Alder Lake-N) chip manufactured in 10 nm (Intel 7) that has four cores and four threads that moves up to 3.2 GHz. In the graphics section we have an Intel UHD Graphics GPU up to 750 MHz with 24 EU (the N95 has 16EU). This processor has a power consumption of only 6 W TDP and the performance results are a significant improvement over its smaller siblings. GPU performance is limited for multimedia and light gaming use. This small computer is suitable for browsing, multimedia playback with KODI, office applications, editing applications and very light 3D games.

As we can see the thermal performance is good, the system keeps the temperatures under control, the upper area gets hot but we have no performance losses even with the CPU at maximum. This processor with its 10 nm is efficient and should not worry us in thermals."

Source: AndroidPCtv