extremeEDGE Server 3000 Series

The Simply NUC 3000 series offers the ability to place a powerful processing unit at the extreme edge while also allowing for the remote monitoring and management of the system. This is accomplished by way of the NANO-BMC / Baseboard Management Controller feature. This series of products offer expandability, dense memory and storage configurations in a fanless enclosure.

The 3000 series thrives in edge computing applications where space is limited and on-site processing is crucial. Its compact size brings powerful computing to the edge of your network, while remote monitoring and management capabilities enhance security and simplify control.

These fanless systems operate silently and consume minimal power – up to 54 watts under load, significantly less than a traditional server with a single CPU. This translates to lower energy costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

The 3000 series adapts to diverse environments with its DIN rail compatibility, making installation a breeze. Additionally, it supports dense memory and storage configurations, allowing you to tailor the system to your specific data storage and management requirements. 

The 3000 series of products redefines remote management with its built-in patent pending NANO-BMC module. This module enables secure out-of-band access for monitoring, control, and power management, including remote power cycling, reboots, virtual drive and critical BIOS updates.