Roon Labs teases new server

The upcoming flagship Roon Labs music server is coming soon, and it looks absolutely stunning. According to this video it is still powered by the NUC and features a very stylish fanless chassis (gun metal, wood, and stone options).

Source: Roon Labs 


Direct die & passively cooled 8700G

"Although my DB4 ft. a 13900F and RTX 4070 was working great, I was intrigued by the arrival of the AMD Ryzen 7 8700G. I've had a 5700G before and that was quite nice. The most important feature being that it has a monolithic die, vs. the chiplet design of its siblings like the 5600X. Because of the monolithic die, it isn't wasting power at idle and also has good undervolting potential - perfect for a fanless build.

So it's a very nice improvement and was definitely worth it. However, for a passive build you're ultimately limited to the cooling capacity provided by the heatsinks, the CPU will 'soak' if it uses more power than can be dissipated. Also, the heat dissipation improves when the temperature delta increases. Meaning, more watts can be dissipated when the CPU is hot. This makes it all more complex."

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ARM-powered NUC motherboard

With its versatile and modern 64-bit, quad-core ARM-based processor — the Rockchip RK3568 — ASUS IoT Tinker Board 3N PLUS offers superior performance in NUC size. Powered by an ARM-based Mali™-G52 GPU, Tinker Board 3N PLUS offers smoother graphics processing and better data security, allowing for a wide range of applications in smart manufacturing and smart retail such as IoT gateways, human-machine interfacing (HMI), digital signage, self-service kiosk and more.

Tinker Board 3N PLUS features an advanced thermal design including a low-profile pushpin heatsink and SoC placement on the back side for added strength and ease of installation, with its diminutive NUC-scale dimensions allowing for SWaP-constrained space deployment and flexible system integration.. With reduced thermal throttling, developers can push the limits of performance without compromising stability. It is also engineered to operate smoothly in harsh industrial environments, with an impressive operating-temperature range of -40 to 85°C — making it ideal for everything from outdoor use to hectic factory environments.

Source: ASUS


Vaporware everywhere

The N100-powered ZBOX CI337 (announced in May 2023) and ZBOX CI343 (announced in September 2023) are still nowhere to be found. We absolutely appreciate ZOTAC's commitment to passive cooling and overall quality, but this is a problem. Following the unreleased ZBOX CI342 in 2022, it's starting to look like a pattern.


Configurable i9-14900T build

"We are delighted to offer the Quiet PC A90 Fanless i17 which is a fully-built ready to go silent computer system that utilises Intel’s latest generation CPUs and a Z790 motherboard. The CPU is silently cooled by either the Nonfan’s IcePipe processor cooler or Noctua’s NH-P1, both of which offer no noise, no dust, no moving parts and no maintenance. The machine can be configured to your exact specification and offers, as you would expect, totally silent operation. The PC is housed in the sophisticated, but compact Fractal Design Meshify or the exquisite North. The large ventilation area at the top of the chassis’ allows for all of the heat generated by the internal components to naturally dissipate up and out of the chassis."

Source: QuietPC


NUC 13 Rugged available soon

The slim version featuring the 6W Intel N50 processor is now listed in Canada for $315 while the tall version featuring the 12W Atom x7425E will retail for $430. The ASUS NUC 13 Rugged devices are tailor-made for applications that demand resilience against dust exposure, shocks, and vibration. Select kits are engineered to endure extended external ambient temperatures (0-50°C on tall chassis), ensuring unwavering performance even in the most demanding conditions. Onboard I/O includes four USB ports, dual HDMI 2.1, and dual 2.5 GbE LAN.


Configurable fanless NUC 13 Pro

This top end Intel NUC 13 Pro uses the 13th Gen i7 1360P processor with "Intel 7" hybrid architecture. In total there are 12 cores, using a combination of 4 Performance-cores and 8 Efficient-cores. This enables faster performance while also being power and heat efficient. The aluminium case uses advanced heat pipes for fanless cooling. The heat is extracted from the processor and transferred to the cooling fins. This is totally silent with no moving parts. Available from 1148 euros


Patch-up job

We're not gonna lie, the new MSI Cubi N ADL S features one of the worst-looking CPU cooler in recent history. It's basically a flimsy aluminum plate associated with thermal pads. Considering how hot the Intel N100 can get, this does not bode well for thermals. The ASUS PN42 features a beefier heat sink, a better chassis, and can't handle the N100 properly.