The world's smallest NAS

Very much like yesterday's ODROID-H4, this no-name dev board is powered by either the Intel N100, N200, or i3-N305. Cooling-wise, it makes no sense to have the heat sink at the bottom of the system, but support for four NVMe SSDs is impressive. Overall a very interesting little machine. The manufacturer's website design raises some concerns about the legitimacy of the company, though (they didn't even bother to remove Shopify's Instagram and Facebook links). Buyers beware.

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512GB Quieter4C on sale

The 512GB version of the popular MeLE mini PC is now just $205.99. The Quieter 4C features 16GB of RAM, 256GB of soldered eMMC storage, a 256GB NVMe SSD, two HDMI 2.0 ports, one USB-C and three USB 3.2 ports. We're still not convinced by its "high thermal conductive engineering plastic" case but people seem to like it, and it seems to work.

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The new ODROID is here

Hardkernel launches the affordable ODROID-H4 (Intel N97) ODROID-H4+ (N97, 4x SATA III) and turbocharged ODROID-H4 Ultra (Intel i3-N305, 4x SATA III). As always, the NUC-sized motherboard (120 x 120mm, 4.7 × 4.7") is packed with features including DDR5 memory and NVMe SSD support, HDMI and dual DisplayPort. We appreciate the large open-air heat sink that should handle the 12W CPUs just fine. At only $99, the ODROID-H4 is also the cheapest fanless Alder Lake-N PC on the market (keep in mind that Hardkernel ships from Korea though).

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ARM-powered mini-ITX motherboard

"A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the ROCK 5 ITX coming soon and since then, samples of the Rockchip RK3588-based Radxa ROCK 5 ITX have been landing on doorsteps (or service points, screw you, UPS) of a lucky group of people and somehow I was one of those, so here’s a first look at Radxa’s latest Single Board Computer in a Mini ITX form-factor!

Over on the rear we have our DC 12V barrel jack input for power, USB-C, HDMI in, 2×2.5GbE (with PoE available), 2x USB-A 2.0, 4x USB-A 3.0, 2 HDMI outputs, 3.5mm microphone and headphone connections, and an SPDIF audio connection."

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Lenovo Chromebox Micro listed

The tiny Lenovo Chromebox Micro (163 x 19.7 x 79mm / 6.4 x 0.8 x 3.1") is a new type of Chromebox designed for digital signage and interactive displays, although it can be used as a pocketable desktop PC. Powered via USB-C, this fanless Chromebox features the 6W Celeron N4500, 8GB of RAM, and 32GB of eMMC storage for $249


OnLogic unveils line of panel PCs

The Tacton TC401 is a rugged all-in-one Panel PC with integrated AI acceleration capabilities provided by a range of Intel® 12th Gen processors. An extensive I/O coastline is augmented by customization capabilities via OnLogic's proprietary ModBay™, which can be used to add additional connectivity to support specific user application requirements. To provide additional flexibility in compute performance and application, OnLogic also announced the Tacton TN101, a line of standalone displays that can be used in conjunction with any of OnLogic's other industrial or rugged computers.


High-end i9-14900T / NVIDIA system

This 14th Generation Fanless PC uses Intel's hybrid architecture design with Performance-cores plus Efficient-cores, with a fanless Nvidia graphics card, creating a fast PC suited for intense personal or business use. The fanless Nvidia T400 adds 3 extra 4k@60fps DisplayPort displays to the DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 included with the motherboard, enabling up to 5x 4k monitors. The T400 has an 80% increase in the 2D and 3D performance compared to the inbuilt intel graphics. The T400 has 384 CUDA cores. The faster T600 adds 4x 4k@60fps DisplayPort and trebles the 3D performance compared to inbuilt intel graphics. The T600 has 640 CUDA cores.

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Fanless MSI Cubi listed

The passively-cooled version of the N100-powered MSI Cubi is now listed for $229. The fanless NUC supports up to three 4K displays and is sold as a barebone (bring your own RAM, storage, and OS). Unfortunately, the cooling solution looks very average, and by average we mean bad. The N100 is Intel's most surprising CPU in years but can run quite hot and a flimsy aluminum sheet doesn't look reassuring (get the MINIX Z100 for impeccable thermals).


My first fanless home server

"This is my first home server for me. I run proxmox on it to virtualize my windows 11 and some linux VMs and dockers for learning purposes. I just like the idea of total silent system, no fan, less noise and less dusk built up over the time. Components: HDplex H3 v3 case, HDplex GAN PSU 250W, Intel Core i5 14500, 64GB RAM, 2x 1 TB Samsung 990 Pro. CPU temp when I run Windows 11 VM with one Ubuntu Server VM is from 45-60 °C"

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