Morpheus 8069 available

The new giant GPU cooler from Raijintek is now available in Europe for 169.90 euros. Rated for 400W using additional fans, the heat sink can certainly be used in passive mode with low power graphics cards. Previous model, the Morpheus II, could handle the NVIDIA Quadro P2200 without any problem (see it in action in this gorgeous build). The Morpheus 8069 will be available globally in the coming weeks.


NUC 12 Pro kits Ultimate Review

"Our performance evaluation showed that the NUC 12 Pro kits deliver tangible improvements over their Tiger Lake counterparts. Compared to the ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-1260P, the two actively-cooled kits have a much better power consumption and performance profile. Our doubts regarding the performance per watt metric for Alder Lake-P were laid to rest after our detailed investigation into the Wall Street Canyon NUC kits.

On the fanless front, the Bleu Jour Meta 12 is an interesting product that can only improve with more attention to BIOS tuning. The design itself could also do with some improvements in terms of SSD cooling support (the regular NUC 12 Pro kits have a better passive thermal solution for the storage subsystem compared to the Meta 12). Hopefully, the performance and temperature profile of the Meta 12 can change for the better before the product hits the market."

Source: AnandTech 


BleuJour KUBB Mini up close

A closer look at the KUBB Mini in bronze, available for 299 euros. The 7 x 7 x 7cm Mini Kubb is powered by the 10W Celeron J4125 (Gemini Lake Refresh) and features 8GB of soldered RAM and a 42mm 128GB M.2 SSD. Connectivity is good - especially considering its diminutive size - and includes four USB 3.0 ports, Micro SD card reader, HDMI, and audio jack.

Source: Men's UP


The genius of cirrus

Nothing compares to the cirrus7 heat sink cases. Sold as complete systems featuring NUC, mini-STX, or Thin mini-ITX motherboards, the chassis is truly unique and features a copper core and thick aluminum fins. The case is literally a massive CPU cooler that can fit the whole computer. Highly recommended.


Elkhart Lake is not done yet

ASUS launches this interesting motherboard featuring the 10W Celeron J6412 and a very handy DC jack for easy power. Cooling-wise, the included heat sink is on the smaller side but should suffice in the right mesh case. "ASUS J6412T-IM-A is a Thin Mini-ITX industrial motherboard featuring rich I/O capabilities, advanced connectivity and flexible customization options in a smaller and thinner board that reduces chassis sizes for space-restrictive installations. Offering multiple display outputs, legacy options for industrial applications, GPIO ports, dual Intel LAN as well as rich expandability with a mini PCIe slot, M.2 E key, M.2 M key, ASUS J6412T-IM-A is an ideal choice for a wide range of embedded applications.". The J6412T-IM-A is already listed in some territories for about $200.

Source: ASUS  


Elegant designs on the way

Rugged / industrial designs are not always crowd-pleasers. In fact, the key to mass adoption for passive cooling could be cleaner designs. This Chinese OEM launches a Come Lake-U mini PC featuring an understated and classy heat sink case. Powered by 15W processors (i7-10510U / i5-10210U / i3-10100U options) the system also features six USB ports, HDMI, and dual GbE LAN. 


$220 Elkhart Lake SBC

This $220 Elkhart Lake motherboard from GigaIPC (GIGABYTE) is a feature-rich solution, powered by the Celeron J6412. The 146 x 101mm board features two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets, support for 2280 M.2 SSD, one SATA 6Gb/s port, four USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, dual HDMI and dual GbE LAN. The only thing missing is cooling for the 10W CPU. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate the optional fanless heat sink (25ST1-12311B-A7R) at this time.


Is this the future of cooling? (probably not)

"For a long, long time, PCs have been chasing the idea of “no moving parts” as a platonic ideal for efficiency and reliability. And for just as long, active cooling has been an impediment to this goal: for high-powered electronics, you just can’t beat a fan and moving air for cooling stuff down. Or can you? Frore Systems’ AirJet is a radical solid-state approach to active cooling, and Gordon has the scoop at CES 2023. Frore’s founder and CEO Seshu Madhavapeddy was kind enough to give PCWorld the low-down on this emerging tech, which has the potential to upend the way high-powered laptops are built. The “magic” of AirJet is a combination of exotic materials, geometry, and physics: the 2.8mm chip has cavities in the top full of vibrating membranes, which blast cool air across the heat spreader underneath, cooling down a CPU or other component. Despite the miniscule dimensions, the AirJet can send individual air particles whooshing over the heat spreader at up to 200 kilometers per hour." 

Spurce: PCWorld


Judging your fanless PC builds

While this redditor is happy with his new fanless PC ("turned out better than I expected, without undervolting it lasted 30 minutes of OCCT and the real surprise was a rapid drop of 30C after 5 minutes from the end of the test, during normal operation browser, office, watching movies, etc. CPU 38-44C in a room that has 22C") we're not terribly impressed by this build. With the CPU cooler at the bottom of the case, the PSU in a bad position, and a mesh panel that's way too small, this build is not FanlessTech approved.

Source: reddit


Cheaper Alder Lake solutions

These affordable multi-LAN mini PCs / routers / firewalls are incredibly popular and are getting Intel's latest CPUs before established brands for some reasons. This model is available with either i3-1215U, i5-1235U, or i7-1265U and features six Intel 2.5GbE LAN. We particularly appreciate the upgraded cooling system featuring a copper heat spreader and two copper heat pipes. 

Source: Chiphell