Introducing the Maxwell AC Pro

Akasa, a leading provider of passive cooling solutions and fanless cases, have announced today a new premium aluminium case called the Maxwell AC Pro for the latest range of InteI NUC 13 Pro products, code-named Arena Canyon. Designed to accommodate the Core i3, i5 and i7 processors up to 40W TDP, this state-of-the-art small form factor case is perfect for applications that require silent operation without compromising on power. With dimensions of 218.5 x 206 x 80.3 mm (3.6L), the case can be easily stored away or displayed for a desktop setup. For the NUC 13 Pro, InteI announced a resilient supply chain production model by creating a multi-source supply chain, as well as up to 5 years of availability for the NUC 13 Pro boards. This is good news for the commercial projects and consumers, as planning for production and system integration in the future will be easier and longer-lasting.

The InteI NUC 13 Pro comes feature-packed and ready to perform in all types of applications such as digital signage, home theater setups, and edge computing. The vPro Platform returns for the i5 and i7 models, which boast some unique features such as remote management and base level security protection from threats. Alongside this, the NUC 13 Pro range comes with Wi-Fi 6, support for up to four extended displays (using 2 HDMI and 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports), up to 64GB of expandable DDR4 RAM and PCIe x4 Gen4 compatibility for the M.2 drive. This extensive list of features makes the InteI NUC 13 Pro range a no- brainer for those looking for high performance in a small form factor.

The Maxwell AC Pro is a compact yet powerful cooling solution that is specifically designed to fit the InteI NUC 13 Pro range seamlessly. The advanced design includes two 8 mm heat pipes which can efficiently transfer up to 40W TDP worth of heat to the premium aluminium fins, which can comfortably tame the 35W processors in the InteI NUC 13 Pro range. Akasa’s Maxwell AC Pro will support the Slim versions of these boards, compatibility will not be an issue with the standard I/O ports. The Maxwell AC Pro will be available to purchase soon, please keep updated through our social media platforms and newsletters.

Akasa maintains its strong relationship with Intel, with both companies sharing a commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Through this partnership, Akasa has been able to develop innovative products that are optimized to work seamlessly with Intel’s processors, resulting in better performance and reliability for their customers. Akasa are also excited to announce an upcoming update to their popular Turing case with an upgraded 40W TDP rating. The Newton WS and Plato WS are also suitable for the InteI NUC 13 Pro range when the power limits are set to 28W.



The first fanless DeskMini is here

ASRock launches a passively cooled version of its popular mini desktop series, featuring the original 155 x 155 x 80mm (1.92L) chassis and the 15W Celeron 4205U (Whiskey Lake). The system features six USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and dual LAN (Realtek). The DeskMini 4205 also features two SO-DIMM slots, two M.2 2280 PCIe slots and two 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s ports. While we're excited to see more fanless options from trusted brands, this particular CPU is slightly underwhelming, especially compared to any Alder Lake-N processors. Hopefully, we're talking about a $150 machine here. Update: ASRock tells us that the DeskMini 4205 will be available in May for just $130.  

Source: ASRock


New Thermalright SSD cooler

Passive heat sinks for M.2 SSD is now a full-fledged industry with Thermalright launching another beefy cooler. The HR-10 2280 features aluminum fins, two nickel-plated copper heat pipes, and a die-cast metal top plate for style. The 23.7 x 90.3 x 43.8mm HR-10 weights 85g.

Source: TechPowerUp 


Quieter2D available without OS

The ill-conceived (if you ask us) but wildly popular pocketable mini PC from MeLE is now available Windows-free for only $139.99. The Linux-friendly Celeron N4000 machine features 4GB of RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage (M.2 SSD supported), four USB 3.0 ports, dual HDMI 2.0, and gigabit Ethernet. On the bright side, the Quieter2D is powered via USB Type-C.


1U fanless rackmount PC available launches this rare 1U solution powered by the rack-mountable Akasa Galileo TU3, the ASUS Pro H610T motherboard, and Intel's 35W i5-12400T CPU. "The Akasa Galileo TU3 1U Fanless Rackmount PC features a real Intel desktop CPU that will mount right in your rack. Add a large multi-terabyte hard drive and use it for a media server or to store security camera footage. Install virtualization software and use it as a silent software development box or to monitor your network." Available from $1,485.


When thin is too thin

This $169.99 fanless mini PC features the power-sipping Celeron N4000, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage (M.2 slot available). The system features five USB ports, dual HDMI 2.0, and gigabit Ethernet. Unfortunately, cooling looks nonexistent. The case does not look like a heat sink, and the tiny side vents are extremely concerning. While the idea of a slim PC is compelling, when it comes to passive cooling, the thicker the better.


Introducing the new Helix 401

The Helix 401 can be configured with a range of Intel 12th Generation (formerly known as Alder Lake) Celeron and Hybrid-Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. DDR5 memory provides increased bandwidth and reduced latency, all while consuming less power. Graphics are provided by the Intel Iris Xe graphics architecture, delivering up to 2.47x faster graphics and supporting four concurrent 4K displays.

The sub-28W powered Helix 401 has the horsepower to drive mission-critical applications while small enough to fit in space constrained locations or enclosures. With multiple mounting options including wall, VESA or DIN Rail, the Helix 401 is able accommodate various installation requirements. The fanless Helix 401 chassis is purpose-built to draw heat away from internal components and dissipate the heat uniformly over carefully engineered cooling fins.

The Helix 401 is an ideal industrial computer for data acquisition or when using a programmable logic controller to execute tasks in unmanned or difficult to reach installations. The front and back faceplate offer various options to connect to devices using USB 3.2, USB 4. Additionally, an onboard M.2 slot provides the Helix 401 with additional storage and connectivity capabilities.

The Helix 401 will make its debut at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, starting March 14th at the OnLogic booth, #239 in Hall 3. More information about the Helix 401 is available here. The OnLogic team can be contacted for assistance with configuration and ordering by emailing or calling +1 802 861 2300.