Chatreey Ryzen PC passive mod

"A CPU stress test with CPU-Z, in which all 8 threads of the processor were under full load for over 30 minutes, brought a maximum temperature of 82.6 degrees Celsius. Of course, this has little to do with the standard loads of a CPU, because the temperature fluctuates between about 45 and 70 degrees Celsius during normal work. I haven’t been able to cause throttling yet, no matter how hard I tried, the CPU would theoretically shut down at 95 degrees Celsius, so there’s still room for improvement. During the stress test, I measured 52 degrees at the lower end of the cooling fins and 46 degrees on the outside with a laser thermometer, which is quite sporty but neither critical nor dangerous."

Source: Open-NetLab


This got us excited

This is not what you think, unfortunately. This absolutely stunning piece of hardware is actually an ozone generator concept. It would totally work as a fanless PC, tough. And a very stylish one at that. 

Source: hs x design


Massive M.2 heat sink available

This has to be the most impressive M.2 cooler ever. The JEYI M.2 passive heat sink measures a sizable 2.99 x 0.91 x 1.26". For $14.90, the 100-gram aluminum heat sink comes with thermal pads, a steel frame, screws and the tiniest screwdriver. According to JEYI, temperature is reduced by up to 30°C. This cooler is so huge that it could probably handle a Gemini Lake or Jasper Lake CPU.



Not impressed

We hate to sound harsh, but some tech journalists are lazy. Maximum PC's "complete guide to a fanless PC" features the Noctua NH-P1 CPU cooler in the worst orientation possible. This is unbelievable. The NH-P1 setup guidelines are extremely simple. These guys are also using a case not recommended by Noctua. Could you please at least try?


ASUS PN41 overview

The ASUS mini PC is shipping around the world and it's not a powerhouse of a computer. Jasper Lake offers substantially better single thread performance over Gemini Lake but expectations should be kept realistic. The PN41 is still a great web-browsing and office station, and a much better option than exotic hardware from Aliexpress.

Source: Overclockzone


Less is more

Sometimes, simplicity rules over bells and whistles. Sometimes, simplicity is key. This Ryzen 5 5600G / Nofan CR-80RH build is disarmingly uncomplicated and straightforward.

Source: Instagram


To Infinity and Beyond

Congratulations to our friends at OnLogic for being part of Blue Origin's space missions. We could not be more thankful and proud to have you as a sponsor. 


fitlet3 is coming soon

A new Atom-powered Compulab fitlet is just around the corner. Our money's on Elkhart Lake. Fitlet3 will feature six USB ports, dual LAN, HDMI and mini DisplayPort. The heat sink case is slightly larger than before since fitlet3 now accommodates a COM port. Previous models were priced around $300. Stay tuned.

Source: Compulab


Shortage Alert: ODROID-H2+ discontinued

Hardkernel is having trouble securing Gemini Lake processors and is discontinuing the most popular x86 dev board. The ODROID-H2+ was a fantastic and affordable NUC-size fanless motherboard featuring SO-DIMM and NVMe SSD slots. The global chip shortage will extend to 2022: We're hearing that ASRock's Jasper Lake motherboards are cancelled, and that Jasper Lake mini PCs such as the ASUS PN41 and ZOTAC CI331 will be available in very limited quantities, at least initially. 

Source: Hardkernel