Akasa launches 200W pico PSU

The Akasa Compact Power 200 is a 200 watt DC-to-DC ATX power supply adapter designed for small form factor computer cases. It utilizes a 4-pin DIN connector for input and boasts high efficiency in power transfer. Safety features include over power and over voltage protection. This compact adapter offers a surprisingly powerful 200W despite its small size. The Compact Power 200 is available now for $43.95.


Is a slight temperature improvement worth voiding the warranty ?

Delidding is a process where you remove the top layer of a CPU, called the integrated heat spreader (IHS). The IHS is a metal plate that sits on top of the actual processing unit (the die) and helps dissipate heat. People delid their CPUs for one main reason: to improve cooling. Please note that it's very risky, and we don't recommend it. Thermal Grizzly launches the Intel High Performance Heatspreader V1. The nickel-plated copper heat spreader has a 207% larger surface area and can reduce temperatures by almost 15°C compared to the stock IHS.

Source: Tom's Hardware


Passive build in a very slim case

Yes, the Dremel rotary tool had to be used, and the mighty i9-9900K had to be undervolted since the Arctic Alpine 12 CPU cooler is designed for 47W TDP. But ultimately, this build works just fine and even include a modified NVIDIA T400. "There was a desire to make this a fanless build. MSI GT 1030's (which also has 30w TDP) passive cooler is used. The screw mount position is perfectly matching with T400. GT 1030 (GDDR5 version) only goes up to 2GB, and I needed more than 2GB RAM. T400 offered the same low power consumption while doubling the GPU memory. Temperature for CPU can get up to around 80C and GPU up to 85C for heavy load in my case. GPU does not throttle, which is great. The ambient temperature is 24C." Special thanks to Kazuki for this awesome build.

Source: PCPartPicker  


Ultra-low power gaming rig

This unique build pairs the Palit GeForce RTX 3050 KalmX graphics card and the i3-N305-powered ODROID H4 Ultra in a 3.5L case. Additional components include the ADT-Link eGPU adapter and the fanless HDPLEX 250W pico PSU. Performance is surprisingly good: "I'm able to run Resident Evil 2 Remake at over 60fps with no issues, while just sipping power."

Source: reddit 


Tranquil IT launches Intel XEON / AMD EPYC fanless servers

The Rugged AMD EPYC 3000 Server is equipped with an AMD Epyc 3000 processor and boasts a maximum memory capacity of 128GB. It is an ideal solution for applications that require higher computing power than what smaller rugged devices can provide. Additionally, the server is equipped with an RJ45 port for dedicated management, which ensures minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

The Fanless Intel XEON Server is ideal for use at the edge: with up to 12 cores and 128GB RAM powered by Intel Xeon D processor our server becomes a powerful tool in applications requiring higher computer power than what smaller rugged devices provide. The added benefits of server grade remote management and dual power supply features ensure minimum down time and maximum reliability. Given its IP50 rating maintenance requirements are drastically reduced, no dust will actively be drawn to the system.


ElecGear M.2 heatsink

The ElecGear EL-80P is a heat sink designed to cool M.2 2280 SSDs. It features a double-decker design with two aluminum heat sinks connected by four heat pipes. These heat pipes efficiently transfer heat away from the SSD and dissipate it throughout the cooling fins. The EL-80P also comes with thermal pads to ensure good contact between the cooler and the SSD. The ElecGear EL-80P is available for $17.98.



Raptor Lake cirrus7 available

The gorgeous cirrus7 nimbus (which comes in three cooling sizes) is now powered by Intel's new 35W desktop processors, up the i9-14900T. The unique design of the case acts as a heat sink, with multiple layers of aluminum fins that radiate heat away from the CPU. The nimbus can be configured with up to 64GB of RAM and 18TB of SSD storage.

Source: cirrus7