EXCLUSIVE: Broadwell NUC roadmap

According to this exclusive slide (from February 18), the Broadwell NUC is still on track for Q4 2014. Once a side project, Intel's Next Unit of Computing is a solid success, and has moved centre stage.

With the socketed 5th Generation Core status still uncertain, the NUC could be the first (and only) Broadwell desktop this year.

Rock Canyon (mainstream)

✓ Next gen CPU/Graphics performance:
✓ Intel® Core™ i3/i5 Processor
✓ Power the big screen via miniHDMI
✓ 4k and triple display support via miniDP
✓ M.2 SSD & 2.5” SSD/HDD drive options
✓ USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfers
✓ Headphones/headset ready (audio jack)
✓ Wireless built-in (WiFi and Bluetooth)
✓ HTPC remote control ready (IR sensor)
✓ Replaceable lids for NFC, Wireless Charging

Maple Canyon (professional)

✓ Next gen CPU/Graphics/Turbo performance
✓ Remote manageability and security with
✓ Intel® vPro™ Technology & TPM hardware
✓ 4k and triple display support via 2x miniDP
✓ M.2 SSD and 2.5” SSD/HDD drive options
✓ Comprehensive I/O with audio and USB 3.0
✓ Replaceable lids for NFC