HDPLEX H1.S review

Here are some excerpts from a fair review of HDPLEX H1.S at Writoscope.

"The HDPlex H1.S comes with a hefty price tag ($179), but is physically as dense as that price suggests, for a thin-ITX case. It comes with assembly required, so be prepared to spend the better part of an afternoon on this.

Installing the heatpipes is possibly the most arduous part of the assembly. Quite a lot of thermal paste is needed for lining the grooves into which the heatpipes will fit. I recommend putting everything in place first and checking for blockage before locking the layout in.

Thermal performance is pretty impressive. On the website, Larry claims the H1.S supports “TDP up to 55W CPU”. In my testing with the i5-4440S (65W), the system idles at 47°C, and at load (x264 encoding) it goes up to 65°C. Pretty impressive considering ambient temperatures here are about 29°C.

I don’t have any Editor Awards to give out, but here’s a big thank you to Larry for such a fantastic product. If he has any plans for NUC/BRIX cases, my eyes are definitely peeled.