Alder Lake-powered workstation

Intel's exciting 12th gen processors are here but will require special attention cooling-wise. The newly introduced "Maximum Turbo Power" is a little worrying for passive PC builders. Today more than ever, 35W TDP CPUs are the way to go. Back to this one-of-a-kind system, default CPU cooler and power supply are from Nofan. Make sure to choose the Noctua NH-P1 and a fanless Seasonic PSU, you'll thank us later.

"Thermaltake’s Core P3 chassis is an open frame design, which is ideal for a totally fanless build as the warm air rises away from the installed components naturally, without a roof potentially restricting this process, resulting in reduced component temperatures (compared to a standard closed chassis). Another benefit is easy access to the installed components, making any additions made to the PC extremely simple to do."

Source: Quiet PC